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                   Worcester Preparatory School • Berlin, Maryland • Fall 2017 • Volume 46, Number 1

             Dr. Tull is surrounded by Upper School students before a Volunteer Club initiative featuring guest speaker Marcus Thomas from
             Clean the World: Recycling Soap. Saving Lives.
                                             Headmaster's Perspective

            During the past months it has been difficult to turn on the radio or television and not hear about some tragic event occurring
            either in our country or abroad.  As I began to write this piece, there was news about the horrific shooting in Las Vegas.  That
            incident quickly brought to mind other acts of violence and terror as well as more than our share of natural disasters such as the
            hurricanes and flooding along the southern areas of our country.  It seems that we are experiencing tragedy overload, and, even
            in the midst of this beautiful fall weather, it’s hard to be optimistic. But here is a simple and I think reassuring thought: as part of
            the Worcester Prep community, we have one another.  Our students, faculty and staff, parents, alumni, and our entire extended
            school family have one another.

            Pat Bassett, the retired president of NAIS, recently spoke to a group of school heads and independent school trustees about the
            enormous impact, and the central importance, of our school communities.  As the population at large has become less connected
            to houses of worship, and as many neighborhoods have become less cohesive, our independent schools have become increasingly
            important communities for our students, for our families, and for those of us who work in them each day. Independent schools,
            by their very nature, embody values, beliefs, traditions, and rites of passage. At their best, our schools become cherished places
            where we may express sadness and joy, and where we will be lifted up by those around us. They are inherently places of optimism,
            with hope for the future all around us as we watch children grow and learn and change, and as we see them find their talents and
            take on important work.

            Last year, when I was being interviewed for an article in a local publication, I was asked what I considered to be the most significant
            strength of Worcester Prep.  I suspect that the response the journalist expected had to do with National Merit Scholars, or SAT
            scores, or the competitive universities our students attended.  My answer, and I believe it strongly, was that our strongest attribute
            is the strength and cohesiveness of our school community.  Over the years, time after time, I have seen our school community come
            together to support each other in ways that would be regarded as extraordinary in many settings, but routine for our Worcester
            Prep family.

            As we help our students navigate the complexities of modern life, I believe the Worcester Prep community is a powerful place in
            which our individual and collective values will help them realize the hope and optimism that will shape their futures.

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