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Worcester Preparatory School Newsletter                                                     Fall 2017

               Best Selling Author Speaks to                        Junior Ethan Scheiber Attends
                           Upper School                         Tufts University Veterinary Program

            Laura Schroff, international and #1 bestselling author   At the age of four, WPS junior Ethan Scheiber of
            of the book, An Invisible Thread, was a guest speaker   Berlin, Maryland, told his parents he wanted to be a
            for Upper School students and teachers September 28.     veterinarian.
            As part of their summer reading requirements, students
            in Grades 9-12 read the inspiring book about the power   Since the age of 13, Scheiber has accumulated more
            of small acts of kindness and mentorship.  An Invisible   than 500 volunteer hours at the Worcester County
            Thread has been on the New York Times Best Sellers   Humane Society in Ocean City, Maryland.
            list for a total of 39 weeks.  Laura Schroff’s cousin,
            Michele Procino-Wells of Seaford, is a WPS parent   Now at the age of 16, his boyhood dreams came to
            of three students, senior Josh Bredbenner, fifth-grader   fruition this past summer in Massachusetts while
            Will Wells, and third-grader Jack Wells.  The idea   participating in the Adventures in Veterinary Medicine
            to invite Schroff to WPS stemmed from an act of     High School Program at Cummings School of
            kindness when Bredbenner gifted his English teacher,   Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, one of the
            Kathleen Otway, with the book, An Invisible Thread.    most progressive and well-regarded veterinary schools
            Arrangements for the appearance of Laura Schroff    in the country.
            were made through Simon and Schuster Speakers
            Bureau, New York.                                   Scheiber submitted an extensive application and was
                                                                one of only 80 high school students selected from
                   Important Dates                              hundreds of applicants across the country to attend this
                                                                highly competitive program.  The two-week program
                                                                at Tufts University was an engaging and exciting way
                                                                for him to explore veterinary medicine through an
             Dec. 8        LS Christmas Candlelight Program,    intensive, hands-on program, while surrounded by
                           1:30 p.m.                            others who shared the same passion for animals and
             Dec. 13       MS/US Chorus Concert, 7 p.m.         science.  His eight-hour days included faculty and vet
             Feb. 13       Admissions Open House, 9 a.m.        student lectures, shadowing fourth-year veterinary
                                                                students, handling and examining small and large
             Feb. 17       Admissions Testing                   animals, practicing bandaging, suturing and reading
             Feb. 23 & 24   US Musical & Art/Media Show, 7 p.m.  x-rays, as well as participating in hematology and
             Mar. 3        Gala, Bethany Beach Ocean Suites     anatomy labs.  “I especially liked shadowing in the OR
             Mar. 16       MS Art Show, 12:30 p.m.              where I observed a dog having double ACL surgery
                                                                and metal plates implanted to prevent its kneecap from
                           7th & 8th Grade Play, 1 p.m.         shifting,” added Scheiber.  “I would highly recommend
             Apr. 2-6      Spring Book Fair                     this intense Tufts program to other students who have a
                                                                genuine passion for animal health.”

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