Worth It In Every Way

Worcester Preparatory School is a college prep day school for students in Pre-K through grade 12. Located in Berlin, Maryland, Worcester Prep attracts students from Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.
The school has earned a reputation as an academic leader, but the value of a Worcester Prep education reaches beyond what’s learned in the classroom. Worcester Prep also instills social and emotional skills. Students learn that empathy, confidence, and perseverance in the face of challenges are as important to success as mastering mathematics, writing an essay, or learning to code.
Worcester Prep is warm and supportive, a close-knit community where teachers know every student on a personal level and parents know their children will be nurtured as well as challenged.
The combination of academic excellence, character development, and personal encouragement helps students succeed not only at Worcester Prep, but also at colleges nationwide and in careers in every field.
It’s this preparation for a fulfilling, happy life that makes Worcester Preparatory School worth it. Worth the extra effort from students to reach a bar that’s been set high. Worth the heartfelt commitment from teachers to unlock the potential in every child. Worth the investment from families who want their children to become their best selves. 
Worcester Preparatory School will reopen for the 2020-2021 school year with as much normalcy as possible. To that end, we have created the Mallard Strong Task Force to re-open the WPS Campus. This Task Force is charged with formulating policies and procedures revolving around safely opening our school including protocols for scheduling, physical distancing, health screening, daily cleaning/sanitizing, protective equipment, transportation, and the appropriate use of common areas. This group will coordinate with AIMS and NAIS, while continuously reviewing information and recommendations from the Governor’s Office, Worcester County Health Department, and CDC.

The Big Value Of A Small School

A smaller school benefits students in big ways. Worcester Prep is home to around 500 students, an enrollment that’s modest by intention.
Classes are intimate and teachers truly know their students. Worcester Prep teachers are there to help when a student needs tutoring in a tough subject, is ready to advance to an accelerated program, or is simply struggling to find his or her niche. Teachers aren’t “finished” with their students when the school year ends in June. They enjoy following each child’s progress to the next school year, to college, and into their careers.
Teachers also know their students’ parents. Communication is open and frequent. Parents don’t have to wait until grades are posted – or rely on grades alone – to know how their children are doing in school.

Worcester Prep students at every grade level have opportunities to lead, to participate, and to try new things. The small number of students on one, close-knit campus means students of all ages interact with one another. Older students have opportunities to assist in Lower School classrooms and learn what it means to be a mentor. Younger students have “big kids” they can look up to and learn from as role models.
Worcester Prep’s limited size means students don’t fall through the cracks or sit on the sidelines. Every student has a place and every voice is heard.

“Worcester Prep is all about feeling secure about where your child is for seven hours every day and the people your child is spending those seven hours with.” 

Matilda Gjikuria 
Worcester Prep Parent

Worcester Preparatory School

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Celebrating 50 years, WPS is an independent, college prep day school for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 students. Located in Berlin, Maryland, the private school attracts an average of 500 students from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.