Worth It For Lower School

The Lower School guides and nurtures students and provides the foundation for an outstanding college prep education.

Imaginative, hands-on projects bring basic academic concepts to life. Students may put their study of electricity and circuitry to work designing and building light-up posters, or learn about propulsion by building and launching their own rockets. 

"It can be tempting to wait until your children are a little older to invest in a Worcester Prep education, but we've seen first-hand what a strong foundation the Worcester Pre-K and Lower School establish."
Nicole Silicato Miller
Worcester Prep Parent

The fast-paced, challenging curriculum keeps students motivated and engaged.

Students tackle tasks that are not easily solved, learning grit and perseverance along with good study habits and accountability. Students encourage one another and take pride in their work.

Lower School students learn to be productive members of their classrooms and their school community, to value the contributions of others, and to collaborate as well as lead. Perhaps most importantly, Lower School students learn what it means to be a good friend.
A strong focus on writing and public speaking begins in Lower School, with students honing their communication skills throughout the Worcester Prep experience.
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Mind Your Manners

A focal point at Worcester Prep is cultivating good manners. Fifth graders complete a special course on manners and social graces that touches on everything from writing thank you notes to the lost art of telephone etiquette. The course concludes with the annual Manners Banquet, a formal dinner for fifth graders and their parents at a local restaurant.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly harried and brusque, thoughtfulness and good manners set Worcester Prep students apart from the crowd. And as an added bonus, a Worcester Prep alumnus will never attend a business dinner and wonder, “Which fork do I use?”

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Celebrating 50 years, WPS is an independent, college prep day school for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 students. Located in Berlin, Maryland, the private school attracts an average of 500 students from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.