Worth It For Middle School

Worcester Prep’s Middle School curriculum is designed specifically for this age group, combining rigorous college prep academics with classes that encourage questioning, discussion, and independent thinking.
Students explore a variety of core subjects and electives, have opportunities to play competitive sports or participate in the performing arts, and are encouraged to develop new talents and interests.
Middle School can be a challenging time as students discover their own identities and strengths, yet still want to fit in with their peers. The Middle School Advisory Program connects students with caring teachers who build personal relationships and help middle schoolers – and their families – navigate the social and emotional challenges unique to adolescence.

“Everyone here cares. At my old school, I never saw the head of school. Here, the head of school, the teachers, the coaches – everyone knows me.”
Riley Moyer ‘23

Because Worcester Prep Is A Smaller School,

students tend to know and spend time with all of their classmates. In this close-knit atmosphere, students feel comfortable pursuing their own passions, free from the pressure to conform to what “everyone else” is doing.

As Middle School students gradually earn more responsibility, they also benefit from adult guidance and peer support that helps them make good choices. At Worcester Prep, Middle School students grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

“Our teachers engage with us. They don’t just stand at the front of the room and lecture. They’re not just educating my brain. They’re teaching me to be a better person.”
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Worth The Time

The daily schedule for students in grades 6-12 includes a 45-minute “common work period” during which students are free to meet with teachers to seek advice on academic, personal, or social matters. Middle School advisory groups meet weekly, ensuring that a caring adult stays in close contact with every student for the entire school year. This ongoing relationship helps advisors spot minor issues before they become reasons for concern, and reassures students that a trusted adult is always in their corner.

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