Worth It For College Counseling

Worcester Prep offers an in-depth, personalized college counseling program unmatched by any school in the area.
College counseling begins in the eighth grade and continues through Upper School.

The Counselor works one-on-one with students and their families every step of the way, helping students choose appropriate courses, develop a college application plan, write essays, prepare for college visits, and navigate the complexities of scholarships and financial aid. Consistent support ensures the application process goes smoothly and reduces stress on students and their parents.
“Our close relationships with our teachers are reflected when they write letters of recommendation. They don’t need to look at your resume because they know what’s going on in your life. They know you and your character. It’s not just a list of activities. It’s more about you than about what you do.”
Maria Deckmann ‘19 
University of Michigan

At Worcester Prep, the emphasis is never on gaining admission to a “name” university, but on gaining admission to the university that best fits the student.

Worcester Prep offers college trips for juniors, introducing them to a number of college campuses. Juniors also participate in college fairs at which hundreds of college and universities are represented. The school also brings speakers to campus to discuss college admissions trends and the application process. In a typical year, some 50 college representatives visit Worcester Prep to meet with interested students one-on-one.
Throughout the process, the counselor works to find the ideal college fit for the individual student, from large in-state universities to small private colleges to the Ivy League. Because the counselor knows each student personally, they can serve as honest, well-informed advocates for students with colleges and universities nationwide.
Worthwhile Preparation

The preparation students receive at Worcester Prep becomes most evident after graduation. Worcester Prep graduates typically experience a smooth transition to the college workload and often find themselves tutoring others.

“You’re with your peers at Worcester Prep, but when you get to college, that’s when you really see the difference,” said Ashlee Reed Hidell ’00. “There were people in college who were smarter than I was, but Worcester Prep had prepared me to work harder.”

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Celebrating 50 years, WPS is an independent, college prep day school for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 students. Located in Berlin, Maryland, the private school attracts an average of 500 students from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.