WPS 2nd Grade Habitat Fair

Berlin, MD – On Friday, March 31, Worcester Prep’s 2nd Grade students hosted a Habitat Fair for fellow lower school students, staff, and family. Attendees learned about the different places an animal makes a home, from the Rainforest to the Arctic and all the habitats in between.
In class, the students learned about the different types of land and water habitats, the animals that live in each habitat, adaptations animals make in each habitat, and the food chain. They also learned the different types of plants, landforms, and even what types of threats exist in each habitat.
Following class lessons, it was the students' turn to become the teacher by taking a month to research and write about the habitat they selected. They even chose a featured animal, and with the help of Art Teacher, Ms. Tittermary, they each created a magic model of the animal in art class. The project also carried over to Computer Class where Mrs. Lyons helped them compile their research into a digital presentation.
In the end, students were able to learn how each habitat can be conserved, and ways they can help.
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